Describes how energy is transfered from one organism to another. 1.New matter is continuously generated by an ecosystem in a process known as photosynthesis. Please read each question carefully and choose an answer choice that best answers the question. Matter moves through an ecosystem through the recycling of energy and nutrients between different trophic levels. Maybe you didn't even have time to drink a glass of water. Edit. In order for ecosystems to exist, there must be energy flowing and making possible the transformation of matter. The energy then flows through ecosystems from producers, who can use inorganic forms of energy, to consumers, who can obtain energy only from organic compounds in other living things. Matter flows through the ecosystem in the form of the non-living nutrients essential to living organisms. C) Energy can be converted into matter; matter cannot be converted into energy. decrease. Wednesday, October 14th EQ = How does matter cycling through the environment provide the materials necessary for life? Food Chains A food chain represents a single pathway through which energy and matter flow through an ecosystem. b. 76% average accuracy. Energy Flow Through Ecosystems