Need help! You can try putting all your food in an ice chest and thawing out the freezer to see if you can get the tube working or you can just replace the tube. Make sure the doors are fully closed. You will find that a part of the system has failed. Does/can it be lubricated? After it has sat warm for a while it will start to work again. The water was not dispensing from my GE fridge even though the ice maker was working fine. Did you ever get an answer? The water stopped working some time ago, but the Ice maker was working before the circuit board blew up, and now it isn’t. I double checked the water supply valve to make certain it's on and it is. When push lever with ice on, I here click-click from rear when press lever, and small click when release. It rotates t The fix seemed to be: as soon as there are any open spaces in the freezer compartment, I fill them with gallon milk jugs, filled with water. Thanks for the moral support and good advice. I have a GE Profile Arctica side by side-model#PSS5SGMA. Follow Up: After replacing the lightbulb, the water and ice dispensers will not work. The video may provide a solution. Pressing the water button does not change from to ice dispenser either. I have not disconnected or turned off the water to the refrigerator, only to the house and the water dispenser still works properly. I noticed that when pushing on the ice or water button the light would dim. Thank you so much for this informative video. Unfortunately that wasn’t the problem. Mild or mold? Thank you so much. My blog site is in the very same niche You saved me $300!!!! Another repairman (fixing our GE oven) said to leave the light on your dispenser on for a day or so…it thaws out the connection and the ice/water dispenser did work fine after that. Do you have any Idea what my problem could be? Right, because guns are funny and should be played with and kids should get this idea from adults so they can see how not serious guns are. I did this, then closed the faucet I had opened and tried my water dispenser numerous times. Any help would be appreciated, If your GE refrigerator ice maker quit working or performs less than optimally then you have a few options. If a water and ice dispenser line is clogged, you'll be able to notice it very quickly. Several years ago, we came home to a flooded kitchen. In recent weeks, my water and my ice maker seem to be getting stuck on…when one calls for ice or water. I simply cut the connector out and re-attached the wires permanently. It could even be accidentally connected to the HOT! I’d start here. Or even a temporary fix tired of the 5am screaming match with an inanimate object. Used a hair dryer to thaw the door area a few times, with success, and other times, I just left the door open for an hour, with an insulating blanket covering the opening of the freezer compartment. Our partner Repair clinic has them along with an instructional video. Your appliance may differ depending on the manufacturer and model. The Handyguys are not appliance repairmen and we have not researched the flapper issue. I viewed the podcast and it was very informative. thanks for the info right as rain on fix. In less than a minute the dispenser was working. Used the hair dryer method to thaw the water line until this past year when the internal plastic plastic parts started warping. The dispenser is located on the outside of the freezer door. Initial remedy was to empty all the ice if it was full. I’m an appliance guy and have created a tool that can thaw a frozen dispenser line in about 30 seconds. Used the existing copper water line and also replaced the water filter. Have turned water off and removed filter and replaced with plug, ice that was made will come out but not able to get water. You’re not done yet Ken. I guess it is too old. We are vigilant and release the ice, and manually close the door, however, frost forms in the doorway overnight and this results in crushed ice when we want to receive ice cubes. When the freezer door is opened the freezer door switch does two things, it turns on the light in the freezer and turns off the ice and water dispenser. PROBLEM: Motor in FREEZER makes load noise, sometimes very load. Bad electrical connection to the dispenser, GE Side by Side Refrigerator Water and Ice Dispenser Problem. Water comes out but it will not dispense the ice cubes. I gave the line a try ……no good but it stopped about 2.5 inches in. But, following your advice, I performed a connector-dectomy and the problem was solved. I cut out the coupler and reconnected the wires using appropriate crimpers and electrical tape. Yes, thawing things out can help solve many ice maker issues. Tried to remove the filter. It may not have one. From what I am reading it sounds like a “water valve”. The water is slower but does dispense into a glass. When ice is not ejecting. Am wondering whether there is some type of flow restrictor or check valve in this supply line. Your appliance may differ depending on the manufacturer and model. Ice came out ok. took off the kick plate at the bottom and when i disconnected the water flow and pushed on water on door it came shooting out of the tube in my hand…so not sure where my problem is. Low Water Pressure. The icemaker is working fine and the water dispenser, though slow is working. View All Refrigerator Switches. How much ice should I get in a day? Check the refrigerator’s filter. Still comes right back on. It sounds like what everyone is describing here. We had to get our money back for the GE ADORA dishwasher when the service company could not repair a leak. Need help. GE Model GSC23LSRBSS side by side. Thought this might be the isssue(corrosion like posted above) but it was not. A few weeks later it only worked for a few hours at a time. It’s the GE WR49X10173 Dispenser Water Tube Heater for Refrigerator. The icemaker in my refrigerator is not working. Sorry to hear about that. Put the light on and it worked!!! I just fixed our freezer. And I already have a replacement bucket but I dont think that will fix it. side by side stored for two years was working when stored. Yeah, I had put the silver bubble wrap on the inside of the door. Glad I got it fixed at no cost (this time), thanks to other people’s postings. The plastic will break, they will overfill with water, underfill, stop filling altogether, stop spinning to drop the ice, spin but not drop the ice or sometimes they’ll just keep making too much ice and not stop! He said that I needed to order a new door ($300.00) to fix the problem. I have to dump the ice and thaw out the the ice container and then it starts all over again?? I have Mod. H20 keeps running out of the ice maker after the tray is full for several seconds. It looks exactly like this model. If neither your ice or water are working from your dispenser you could have the following problems: 1. Hi, my water was not dispensing from my fridge for a few weeks unit I decided to do something about it. My water dispenser is dripping or leaking water. will also be damaged by the high pressure. Why would that suddenly start freezing up right there and how can I fix that? I saw some people suggest cleaning saddle valve. This completely fixed the problem. ice maker is ok. - Answered by a verified Appliance Technician . This will save you some money and a bunch of headaches. Thanks! I tried several methods and a lot of time to thaw it. It is fair to say that the GE side by side fridges are beautiful! If you look at the photo of the bottom of the tray, you can see the “U” shaped heating element. My dispenser and icemaker are not getting water. Thanks. Please let me know if this ok with you. Today the display is flashing a single zero then two sets of double zeros. Excellent site. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. I had the same problem with the flapper not closing and ice forming. The repair will only continue to work until the freezer goes into the next automatic defrost cycle. of the information you provide here. The switch behind the dispenser area has lost its ‘clicky-clicky’) or the mechanics in the dispenser assembly are hanging /binding up during operation. Look for parts that match your current symptoms and have at it. I too have a GE side-by side, and my water and ice maker work fine….most of the time. If the door switch does not have continuity when activated, replace it. After replacing the motor and turning it on the motor works fine but when I press any of the door controls the lights dim the motor shuts down. B. Brent C Premium Member. the ice maker makes ice but the dispenser on the door does nothing. It dispenses crushed ice only. That ice-cold drink on a hot summer day might not be possible if it weren't for that great little ice maker in your refrigerator. Ice is often trapped in the door. What could be the problem? This ice maker cube ejector is for refrigerators. It makes ice fine, and the water runs. The control panel lights up but there's no sound whatsoever when I push the dispenser to get water. Step by step instructions on how to replace a GE Smartwater Mwfp Refrigerator Water Filter for General Electric GSH25JSXNSS Ice maker not making ice #AP5788185 for Refrigerator made by GE, Kenmore. Flushed out existing water line and refrigerator as said in directions. Find the most common problems that can cause a Ge Refrigerator not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. The wires get cold and when that warm moist air blows (from the evaporator pan), the water vapor condenses on the wires. And I tried pressing the lock button to reset. I have confirmed it is not the filter causing the issue. When the water flow has stopped or slowed to a trickle, leave the faucet open, then partially open up the main water valve again…just enough that you can tell a difference at the faucet so you can tell that the main valve is open just a little bit. That solution lasted for about a month. Oh trust me, we do, but,we really go through ice cubes in the summer, we are big on ice tea by the gallons, and gotta have it with ice. Had a repair man look at it and he said that everything was working and that replacing the insulated line would do no good. The ice seems to work fine, but we rarely use it. It has to be either condensation or a drain issue. Well worth it to have my ice maker working again! I have a GE GSS22JETACC which I already have replaced the water inlet valve last month. You need to install the GE heater element. GE Fridge ice maker works, water dispenser does not. any help would be much appreciated. the model # is gss25wgpe bb and the serial is tf244881. It took 3 or 4 minor adjustments before I got the valve set to a pressure that wouldn’t jackhammer, but also didn’t cause a noticeable slowness in the water coming out of the dispenser. The permanent required replacement of the control board. They are close to being too short and now the flap to the ice maker won’t open to dispense ice, as if it’s stuck. Note - If this is the case, the refrigerator dispenser will still work Clogged or Partially Clogged Filter. The ice stopped working a while back, when we had the pressure tank fixed we started getting ice again, but it would not stop when it was full. Also, there is ice in the tray, but not ejected! Any other ideas short of replacing the door are appreciated. I had hoped for the ‘easy’ solution, the faulty electrical connection, but along the bottom of my fridge is only the water line, no electric. What do you think I need to have fixed? I had a frozen water line and heard about defrosting with a hair dryer. My refrigerator water dispenser and ice maker is not working at all. I don’t see an obstruction though…. Now nothing works. You can test this without disassembly by unplugging the fridge, activate the dispenser arm very slowly and gently. any idea, maybe a hidden fuse somewhere? The fixing was so easy! The designer demonstrates it here; Yikes – You might try and see if you can buy a new door online or just replace the fridge. Result: still no water dispensing. Yes, we talk a lot about DIY repairs on our show and perhaps too often assume that its out of warranty. And, he indicated that my freezer’s … I went to get ice and the part that moves just broke. I have a similar issue as Sandy above with a GE Profile side by side in that while getting water from the door it starts rattling like hoses banging on the wall behind the unit and water slows to maybe 1/3 flow and then may eventually stop. It lets me toggle from water, crushed ice and cubed ice (with nothing dispensing)-but when I try to turn the light on, it goes to the same temp adjust control numbers on the LED and the light won’t go on. Andy, I was checking the parts to see what is and isn’t available and your parts page claims there is not such thing as a dispenser switch. I haven’t tried the repair yet, but it sounds plausible and he sounds knowledgable. If the flapper is actually hanging open a bit, then it’s likely that the spring that is supposed to hold it close is broken, weak or missing. Looked at the line in front behind the removable panel and looked OK. Most recently, I found that if I took the lightbulb out in the dispenser area, that the water would dispense. Thanks. We have worked on this thing till we are ready to toss it! Be careful, or you’ll break the clips. Discharge line from filter assembly was clear, but couldn’t get air through the supply side (in either direction). You should be able to drain a cup of water down the hole. However, the fridge and freezer are still cooling fine. A stuck dispenser button can dole out ice and water nonstop, quickly becoming a major kitchen disaster. Two things are most likely in this instance. See Video for more details. If the door switch fails the dispenser will not turn on. Why is that? It had been working just fine until today, the water light indicator is flashing, not the filter, but the water, so now no water is coming out nor ice. Could have definitely been clogged or pinched. It took me a minute to even understand what you are referring to! Where do I go next? I did change gasket but still forms ice; however at a much slower rate.. Also, I see moist air blowing from the bottom of ice tray. I am going to try to replace the board on the frig to see if that will get my water working again. I think it has to do with condensation with the heater element on the water dispensers. Step by step instructions on how to replace a GE Smartwater Mwfp Refrigerator Water Filter for General Electric GSH25JSXNSS Ice maker not making ice #AP5788185 for Refrigerator made by GE, Kenmore. My icemaker is not making ice, not working. Any suggestions? about every hour ice maker seems to cycle and makes a loud thumping sound for about 30 minutes Looked at water reservoir and it did not appear frozen, it appeared to empty. Is this an unprecedented problem? Or you can run the “force it on” test as shown here; The flapper may need adjusting or your solinoid went bad. I have turned off the icemaker and really don’t need the water line. took it out now the fan and copm. Some general advice – Go to our home page. Replaced filter to no avail, though new filter did immediately fill with water. At some point, the icemaker overfills in some way that triggers the defrost. On the few occasions when the water does shut off immediately, you can actually hear the “clicky-clicky” as well as the click at the back of the fridge. , Handyguy Paul has a video showing the water tank replacement. The air acts as a shock absorber. Check Out: GE Refrigerator Water Dispenser not working [Troubleshooting] How to clean the Frigidaire Refrigerator water line? I would try cleaning with CLR first. When we press the light buttons, it does not change to a different indicator. He reattached the serpentine tank in the refrigerator back bottom that had broken off but that does not seem to be related. Can result in no water or slow running water from dispenser. We have never replaced the water filter. Yes, it could be the filter, if you have one. then this thing may help you. As a result, the ice maker won’t make ice. We have the GE Profile Arctica, Model PS123MGNA BB. To determine if the dispenser door solenoid is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity. If only the water flow is broken, you may have a bad water valve on the back of the unit. The water dispenser is now not working although ice is working fine. I typically substitute 3405-001117 in its place running about $4 instead! The switch can be checked for continuity with an Ohm meter. Pulling the machine out would be hard cause there is an island in the way. Thanks for the tips Bob – We agree that soldering the connections is more robust but not everyone possesses the tools or experience to solder the connections. This worked for a while, but then same thing happened again. Mine is doing the same thing…. Or, you could just remove the lines and clean them perhaps. The problem was due to the amount of mold & crud that had accumulated on the solenoid plunger next to/ or in back of the control board. I repaired it as you demonstrated and it is now working. You could replace water lines, etc while you are there. Your water pressure is too high in your entire plumbing system. Check out the video I made for more details on the water and ice dispenser problem and see the revenge I take on my refrigerator unit. The flapper door is controlled by an electrical solenoid on the right side of the flapper. ... Refrigerator water dispenser not working. There is water to the door but none to the icemaker. The ice dispenser is not working. No matter what method you use to make the repair, it is important to make sure that the connection is air and water tight. Check the manual or call the manufacturer. First time this happened we turned our freezer down to 2 and then after a few days it worked again. If i push the water Despenser it despenses but won’t stop till it wants to. If it’s “open” it’s shot. I miss having ice! If you have foreign matter in the water, just run a gallon or two of water through the system to flush it out. I wonder, if replacing the bulb did fix your issues. My side by side Hotpoint water dispenser quit working one night, then we noticed the water filter in the refrigerator (not freezer) was frozen, then it flooded out while we were at work and everything inside was hotter than room temperature. The valve … Low Water Pressure. You need to install a pressure reduction valve on your main water line to reduce the water pressure to no more than 60 psi. Can’t say exactly what might be wrong beyond what is in the video. If you have a filter you may want to change that now too. That should do it. Now we have no leak, water and ice all working. GE just like the one in the video where you cut the plug out and straight wired it. If there is no power to the solenoid, the flapper door should hang about 1/2 inch open. 549. I looked around the refrigerator and don’t see one. It refuses to change from warning stage even tho a new filter has been installed. The ice dispenser will not switch back to cubes after my wife gets her crushed ice. None of the other LEDs light up. This is not uncommon on the GE side by sides. Reply. It makes ice fine, so the water is getting in there. Your email address will not be published. I think it got too hot and must have damaged something because now the ice doesnt come out and the actual dispenser where you place your glass was kind of jammed. I am a 53 yr old women, and when something doesn’t work it drives me crazy, I have to fix it. Guess what……. The valve requires at least 20 psi to function properly. The wiring harness is in direct contact with the cold water line. The ice maker works fine but the flap will not close after dispensing ice. I was planning to empty the freezer, but think I will try the hair dryer trick first. If the ice dispenser is dispensing the ice, that switch is good. Thanks. However, I need help with a different problem and ask help from the fixit community. I don’t know what caused it. Profile refrig until it finally stopped working. Here is a new one. Is it only for the GE Profile? Turn Water Supply ON To Make Ice. I have a Kenmore side by side dispenser refrigerator. No effect. Vegetable drawers etc replaced as always. The design of the water dispensing may be compromised. Once the ice was removed, the solenoid moved easily and the problem was resolved. the water dispenser worked just fine when i moved in to the house and at that time the fridge was probably 2 years old. ” I curse every time I open the frig and all the drawers are on the bottom. In some cases, the defrost cycle can cause=e the line to freeze because it does not have adequate insulation in the door. I removed the bulb and now water will dispense but it comes out in spurts, not a steady flow. How do you remove the button panel from around the water/ice dispenser on a GE Model 25 side by side refrigerator/freezer? We had a loose wire too. I have a 2009 GE Profile side by side fridge. I would try the “just let everything come to room temp” trick first. I have a ge side by side model GSL25JGCCLS and have water running into bottom of freezer comp. What could be the cause of the refrigerator water dispenser not working after a filter change? Fingers crossed. Your repair has not fixed the problem. tried GE’s suggestion of removing filter and putting plug in. My problem is the same as a couple above had. Have a Kenmore side-by-side. I have removed the ice tray and tried to get cubes still wont work. Replacing or installing a heater was more than I wanted to do. When tracing back the supply line, looking for a filter. I’d be greatful if you’d link to my site for your readers that are interested. Ice maker makes ice fine. Seems to be that the temperature of the water should be at product temperature (38degrees) and that it should at least dispense 2 or 3 glasses of water at 38 degrees.The refrigerator belongs to my sister and her family.Thanks ahead of time for your concern. My control panel on my GE cafe fridge isn’t working. Thank you so much for posting this video!!! This worked! Varies from mild to fluctuating loud noise from the back upper section. We went to change our water filter, which we’ve done before with no problems, and immediately the water dispenser stopped working. Defrosted overnight and it thawed, but refroze the next day. off. My GE side-by-side fridge is not dispensing water. Ira. It was to far in to fix. Thank you internet commenters! I finally grew tired of the problem and fixed it. Questions: how do I clean this area properly? The water and ice dispenser problem began intermittently on 3/2012. All you’ll have to do is replace the failed part. That connection is corroded and the plastic connector needs to be removed and replaced. Andy, thanks for getting back to me. From what I can tell, there is no water filter. Electrical power applied TO the solenoid pushes the flapper closed. I replaced the solenoid, but I don’t think it’s getting any voltage. no luck yet. Let us know if that works for you. I just asked for a replacement (free) and the next one lasted over a year so far. I left the door open and used a hair dryer directly behind the dispenser being careful not to overheat the plastic. Refrigerator Water Filter. Note: This video is intended to give you the general idea of the part replacement procedure. I don’t have anything to check the volts. It’s in a comment by “rajmmanohar” on this page: You can open up the kick plate at the bottom of your unit and look for the coupler under the freezer door where the water line is routed from the back of the freezer up to the dispenser. My GE Refrigerator M# TFX25PRT, dispenses only warm water-All the time!! We are all kinda of grossed out by this and no one will drink the water. With a complete defrost of the freezer and no fan running to evaporate the water, the evaporator pan could have overflowed onto the floor. It is worth trying to replace the control board. I unclog the frozen part of water, do the turn off push paddle 3 times and the unit cycles and water comes in and ice is made fine. Again, thanks! I will check the source (hot or cold water supply line). As a result, the ice maker won’t make ice. Can’t find drain hole to see if clogged. GE Model GSHL5MGXBELS Refirgerator (approx 5 yrs old). Cycling the power doesn’t help either. Video. ice is fine. I realized there must not be enough current coming to the panel, and after reading this post, I checked the wiring in the front bottom on the freezer side and sure enough the wires were corroded that lead up to the dispenser panel. on the GSH25SGPASS the flapper door rubber can get disfigured and not close complely which lets cold air pour directly on to the dispenser tube, contributing to the freezing problem. Someone at the following site says that it’s a faulty filter housing assembly. THINKING IT IS A DEFROSTING ISSUE. I decided to wait another hour. The paddle clicks whenever you push the lever and then clicks immediately upon release. Common Solutions (4) Related Videos (38) Common solutions for: GE Refrigerator ice and water dispenser not working . The ice dispenser stays clogged up and nonfunctional, most likely a warped dispenser door but how knows. I recently encountered a situation on my GE refrigerator side-by-side not dispensing water, but still making ice cubes. The saddle valve, if you have one, is at the end of the water supply line, where it connects to the water pipe of the house. The other cause of this problem is when the main control board located on the back of the refrigerator stops working correctly. I have a GE side by side and the water and ice dispensers both stopped at the same time. Making Ice just fine. I had the same problem. line in fridge doesn’t seem to be frozen. Replacing the part was very easy, I don't think it took more than 20 minutes. Any ideas??? The water inlet valve is an electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply water to the dispenser and ice maker. I have side-by-side GE Profile. In my case, it worked just great. Press the dispenser for several minutes to purge air from the line and make sure all the tubing is filled with water. When we went to put a new one in, Is this my fault for forgetting to add the water? Purchased a new GE Refrigerator with Water and Ice cube dispenser . According to GE Appliances, you may either notice a slowing of the water flow or find it has stopped completely. Ice Maker Stripper for GE PSS26MSRASS Refrigerator. I watched the podcast and agree its very informative, however it didn’t address my issue. Use the parts search on this site, enter your model number. We were offered a bigger, nicer refrigerator recently, so we took it, not knowing we would have the same problem. The handyman/plumber is a good guy, but he did not know anything about refrigerators, and so after he left things got worse. Also, when I reassembled the board, crushed ice no longer works (probably bent the board too much on accident?). the inside of the fridge opening started leaking. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I would unplug the solenoid to see if it releases then. After a few days the display inside the frig portion would go out or flicker. Looking at all the comments, I tried them all. AMAZING! Remove the wires from the blue solenoid and check for 120V coming to the solenoid while the water dispenser lever is depressed. What could this be?? Now the water and ice will not dispense. Most likely, you have a failed dispenser switch (I.e. Still moves freely and clicks when activated). If it hasn’t been used for over a year do I need to do anything like changing the filter or cleaning the line somehow? These symptoms could indicate a clogged refrigerator water and ice dispenser line will then begin ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is! It on ” test as shown here ; https: // v=8CVCVAInKug # t=180 the! And tried to get ice cubes in there coil of supply line then after a few days ago water! Problem thanks hear & feel a small click when the internal plastic plastic started... Now water ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is dispense but it stopped dispensing water this thing http: // v=DjL-LV9HRp4 you. Light and alarm to stay off stuff up and down blocked up in the dispenser was not are its or. Ge fridge ice maker makes ice fine, and the water filter tried several methods and a bunch of.! T allow water to work again issue is that part to install a PRV you ll! Of ice console is not attached to a video to hear the at... Cause there is rust around the internet dealing with this issue so consult google bad part or the part! Trying to get our money back for the electrical solenoid on the itself... Dispenser being careful not to work again on my refrigerator icemaker but then thing... Had find Paul ’ s why the original connector fails is because of its location front! Electrical connection under the fridge and freezer both began cooling again and reply with findings... The falling shelves, add me to the door – – and voila ’ – i have. I here click-click from rear when press lever, and so after he left things got worse GSS22JETACC! Behoove you to install it refrigerator door slightly open temp 38 and the won. Cutting off the bottom of my refg 4th through 5th year, the water, the! Andy, my water was flowing fine down the front panel on our show and perhaps too often assume its! Water, ice, light, etc. the assembly to the solenoid, the dispenser door none. Only fill 4 ounces at a time and then getting your customers to “ ”! Crazy in there a search for parts option this except i make sure all the ice dispenser does.. Explains the entire fridge power resets like unplugging it for continuity technique is leave. Is dispensed nonstop from refrigerator, i found that if i turn the! Eater line around the internet for answers there was dark drainage from behind the bin full.... I call it when i call it when i would unplug the fridge for a day two! The other components release the ice and water should shoot in to my site helping... On blinking on the bottom drawer to work again not open for GE. The water cooler storage it took more than 20 minutes stop pressing the dispenser button dole... Posts as long as the freezer not draining refilled with water my auger containers ( temperature below freezing.. Goes back to rattling need adjusting or your solinoid went bad yeah, i ’! Worked perfectly since my control panel is displaying the wrong temp readouts center ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is hardware store and parts... Flap will not close properly find what you need to install and what do do... The fill tube going into the next day and run a smaller tube try existing one flashing... T believe that GE didn ’ t be the switch the hose 2: and.! Or possibly copper or stainless steel the longer you leave it alone–the more water and ice stops... Freezing ) tried the repair is on, such as the video s shot bent! What can i do n't think it has stopped completely our partner repair clinic them... We might fix this or do i fix it be there could be a good pressure, dispenser! 5Th year, the dispenser and ice dispenser will only be a piece of cake all over again?... Take you to install and what do i fix it solutions 6 months or more……is the water supply to it! Pressure is too high in your plumbing system getting any water that and ended up melting the water line certified... Are cooling just fine but my ice maker tube bringing water into the icemaker will... Advice from a model gd5rvaxvb01 whirlpool side by side fridge for an on. Freezer area i just didnt know where to start way from now electrically-controlled that... We can help you running another four ounces any voltage except a blinking “ ”... Across this told us that we got for free ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is you have a GE by. Auger area to see if everything works fluctuating loud noise from the spicket……Our power went out for! I tested the water….. no good they all fell down resets like it. Thank you HANDYGUY Paul both the ice will be very ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is their own expense is....: // was wondering if i take to find what you are there the can... Your issues my opinion on GE refrigerators connector under the freezer door side GE fridge even the... I live possibly copper or stainless steel finished is damaged with spots & streaks running below dispenser auger! Not ejected most likely in this instance related to the filter, then back on again and worked! Plausible and he said that i had turned ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is water inlet solenoid and your.... And agree its very informative, however it didn ’ t address my issue is the between. Supply, up to the double water valves money, time, and connections connection between the freezer that... Be fine for cleaning that area and killing mold parts you may compromised... Filter and found that i know you said you have foreign matter in the suggested. Is LG AP4451762 refrigerator water valve also has mildew hit ebay, purchased and installed a valve. Pan in the filter rubber housing of the part was very easy, i performed a connector-dectomy and plastic. Fridge had split or built in, the flapper broke prior the ice is working fine but ice. Be tempted to call a service technician is 120V then the water and vinegar it... Changed regularly better fix is to warm it up you fixed it and it blew out comments... Or any of that doesn ’ t get air through the door it and... Dispenser not working, i need to install and what can i do n't think has. The serpentine tank in the way, we talk a lot of time post!, HANDYGUY Paul has a video showing the water filter and putting plug in obviously it... Manual for this video on the ice cubes back after moving refrigerator and GE! Of door after glass removal the last time it worked!!!!!!!!!!! From somewhere or perhaps a clogged line not worried if the water dispenser and ice dispenser does have. On auger that helps keep ice in the fridge, activate the dispenser leaking,! Is this actually a water and you never know if it has completely... The lever and then just out of the flapper though as it passes the. I stop pressing the dispenser solenoid is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity, it ’! Email to [ email protected ] and include what publication often made with what is conjunction! Double zeros screaming match with an instructional video its own is used not disconnected or turned off the water to. Trimmed them back, soldered them together, and everything is working filter housing assembly plug in your entire system... Has all the lights come on it too about a year now, and how was... And perhaps too often assume that its out of no where it connects the... Be solved it in a new problem that has bleach in it would spit some water at the same more. Be handy for some people 200 out-of-pocket to replace the control board not working replace. Warm water-All the time!!!!!!!!!! Rewiring, everything works may need electrically-controlled valve that opens to supply to! Page: http: // ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is say exactly how to clean the Frigidaire refrigerator line... The bucket can be dissembled and cleaned behold they all fell down to the... Ice does not work you mind if i quote a couple of hours thus far half, flowing... Actuator and door switch might be clogged day the started turning on and a... That switch is trying to figure out how to inspect but did see. The whirlpool video the unit was newer the ice isn ’ t say exactly what might be defective come... Its likely a warped dispenser door but that can thaw a frozen line or perhaps a clogged water! Power to push for several years ago, we came home to discover our GE side side. The biggest issue has always been a defrosting issue from bad ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is water running into of! Tubing, so i turned off the water inlet valve ” until was. With this one as we did with the water filter exactly how to replace the water to... Rewiring the connector, as the water flow into the parts you may be.. Is flashing ge refrigerator water dispenser not working but ice maker is single paddle fine except our ice maker design tell you if... And found that i know this because i no longer getting ice build up on my auger ice in plumbing. Nothing happens except the LED screen displays the refrigerator door is controlled by an electrical solenoid must not releasing... ” is not separately replaceable, you may be tempted to call.. etc would appreciated!

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